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What Is Self-Concept?

Self Concept Essay
The way we define ourselves is unique to every individual. Every person perceives himself in his own way. But what does make us – us? Sure, our personalities are all completely different, but why is it that the case?
It all comes down to our inner selves. All of us have different qualities, beliefs, ideas. We respond to things in a way that is unique to us, we interact with society in million different ways. All these things are basically our “core”. Based on them we choose our careers, what people we should be friends with, our political views, etc. They basically define us. No, that’s not the right word, these things are us. And our self-concept is how we see our core. And we must make sure that what see is what we want to see.
To achieve anything in this life, we need to look deeper into ourselves for guidance. This is the toughest task for a person – understanding him or herself. We need to stop lying to ourselves and let our inner cores to lead us, ignoring what people around might think or believe.